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Phone Trips

(Honoring the invention of the telephone, March 10, 1876)



March 10, 2007 - 7th Annual Telephone Tunes

The Telephone Song/Astud Gilberto & Stan Getz/Getz Au Go Go
The Telephone Call/Kraftwerk/Electric Cafe
Don’t Hang Up/10cc/How Dare You?
Memphis/Johnny Rivers/Greatest Hits
As Soon as I Hang Up the Phone/Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn/20 Classics: Conway Twitty
Alexander Graham Bell-Mr. Veedle/Lily Tomlin/This is a Recording
Ring Ring/ABBA/Forever Gold
Telephone Man/Meri Wilson/Dr. Demento 50th Anniversary Collection: Dementia 2000
London Still/The Waifs/Up All Night
The Call/Anne Murray/Signature Series
26 Cents/The Wilkinsons/Nothin But Love
Operator (That’s Just the Way It Feels)/Jim Croce/Photographs & Memories
Telephone & Rubberband/Penguin Cafe Orchestra/Concert Program
When the Lightnin’ Struck the Coon County Party Line/Hoosier Hotshots/The Definitive HH Coll.
Mr. Rockefeller/Bette Midler/Songs for the New Depression
*69/Christine Lavin/Please Don’t Make Me Too Happy
It’s the Phone/Cheryl Wheeler/Defying Cravity
Diamonds & Rust/Joan Baez/Diamonds & Rust
It Must Be Him/Vicki Carr/Back 2 Back
842-3089 (Call My Name)/Etta James/The Essential EJ
5705/City Boy/5705
Telephone Line/E.L.O./A New World Record
Bad Connection/Yaz/Upstairs at Eric’s
Switchboard Susan/Nick Lowe/Labour of Lust
Phone Call/Pretenders/Pretenders
Never There/Cake/Prolonging the Magic
Obscene Phone Caller/Rockwell/Somebody’s Watching Me
The Phone Call/Joe Satriani/Flying in a Blue Dream

Readings included:

The History of the Telephone by Herbert N. Casson

March 11, 2006


Look Around/Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66/titlecut
Don't Hang Up/10cc/How Dare You!
Mr. Rockefeller/Bette Midler/SOngs for the New Depression
Telephone Line/ELO/New World Record
Call Me/The Mike Flowers Pops/Austin Powers soundtrak
The Telephone Call/Kraftwerk/Electric Cafe
Obscene Phone Call/Rockwell
1-900-GET-SOME/Denise LaSalle/Still Bad
Ring Ring/ABBA/Greatest
Big Red Phone Message/Messages
Voice Mail #3/RENT
It Must Be Him/Vicki Carr/Back 2 Back
Diamonds & Rust/Joan Baez/titlecut
London Still/The Waifs/
*69/Christine Lavin/Please Don't Make Me Too Happy
Tequila & Me/Kate Wolf/Back Roads
If a Woman Answers the Phone/LeRoy VanDyke/Classic Country
Alexander Graham Bell/Lily Tomlin
Love ont he Telephone/Foreigner/Head Games
Telephone Operator/Pete Shelley
Telephone & Rubberband/Penguin Cafe ORch./concert Program
Nobody Home/Pink Floyd/The Wall
Telephone Man/Mary Wilson
Telephone/Mandy Moore
Phone Call to God/Ellen Degeneres
Pennsylvania 6-5000/Glen Miller Orch.
Sex Over the Phone/Village People
Bad Connection/Yaz
Can You Hear Me/The Vels