(Honoring George Eastman, born July 12, 1854)


July 22, 2006


Photographs/CamperVonBeethoven & the Monks of Doom/Vantiques
She's Got You/Patsy Cline/the P.C. Collection
Photographs & Memories/Jim Croce/titlecut
Smile for the Camera/The Samples/The Last Drag
Distant Camera/Neil Young/Silver & Gold
N.Y. Mining disaster 1941/The Bee Gees/Best of
Fountain of Sorrow/Joan Baez/Diamonds & Rust
3x5/John Mayer/Room for Squares
Kodachrome/Paul Simon/Negotiations & Love Songs
Nightswimming/R.E.M./Automatic for the People
The Harsh Truth of the Camera Eye/Morissey/Kill Uncle
Stay/Blue Merle/Burning in the Sun
Back on the Chain Gang/The Pretenders/Isle of View
Pictures of Lily/The Who/30 Years of Maximum R&B
Picture Book/The Kinks/To the Bone 2
Pictures of You/The Cure/Galore
I Am A Camera/The Buggles/Adventures in Modern Recording
A Photograph of You/Depeche Mode/A Broken Frame
The Prisoner/Howard Jones/Cross that Line
Manshake/Culture Club/I'll Tumble 4 U (12")
(Wishing) I Had a Photograph of You/Flock of Seagulls/Listen
Paparazzi/Jethro Tull/Under Wraps
Turning Japanese/The Vapors/New Clear Days
Girls on Film/Duran Duran/Just Can't Get Enough
Freeze Frame/J. Geils Band/titlecut
Gentlemen Take Polaroids/Japan/Japan
The Fool in the Photograph/Sunny Day Real Estate/Rising Tide

July 16, 2005


Photographic/Depeche Mode

I Am a Camera/The Buggles

Distant Camer/Neil Young

Photographs & Memories/Jim Croce

Smile for the Camera/The Samples

She's Got You/Patsy Cline

Stay/Blue Merle

Kodachrome/Paul Simon

Fountain of Sorrow/Joan Baez

3x5/John Mayer

Family Snapshot/Peter Gabriel

Papparazzi/Jethro Tull

Freeze Frame/J. Geils Band

Girls on Film/Duran Duran

Picture Book/The Kinks

Pictures of Lily/The Who

Photographs/Camper Von Betthoven

Back on the Chaingang/The Pretenders

Picture of You/The Cure

Into the Lens/Yes

Picture This/Blondie

Turning Japanese/The Vapors

Photograph/Verve Pipe

Number One Camera/Nina Gordon

Gentlemen Take Polariods/Japan

July 17, 2004


Fountain of Sorrow/Joan Baez
Kodachrome/Paul Simon
Picture Book/Kinks
3x5/John Mayer
Smile for the Camera/The Samples
Photographs and Memories/Jim Croce
NY Mining Disaster 1941/Bee Gees
Pictures of Lily/The Who
Distant Camera/Neil Young
She's Got You/Patsy Cline
Into the Lens/Yes
Heads We're Dancing/Kate Bush
The Prisoner/Howard Jones
Paparazzi/Jethro Tull
Wishing (I Had a Photograph of You)/Flock of Seagulls
I Am a Camera/The Buggles
Man Shake/Culture Club
Freeze Frame/J. Geils Band
Pictures of You/The Cure
Photographs/Camper Von Beethoven
The Fool in the Photograph/Sunny Day Real Estate
A Photograph of You/Depeche Mode

KHSU - July 19, 2003

Into the Lens Yes
Distant Camera Neil Young
Photographs & Memories Jim Croce
Photographs Janis Ian
Polariods Shawn Colvin
Smile for the Camera The Samples
He's Got You Elvis Costello
Camera R.E.M.
Fountain of Sorrow Joan Baez
Kodachrome Paul Simon
Peg Steely Dan
Gentlemen Take Polaroids Japan
Photographs Camper VanBeethoven
Back on the Chain Gang The Pretenders
Pictures of Lily The Who
I Am A Camera The Buggles
Papparazzi Jethro Tull
Wishing (I Had a Photograph of You) Flock of Seagulls
Freezeframe J. Geils Band
Girls on Film Duran Duran
Turning Japanese The Vapors
Pictures of You The Cure
Kamera Wilco
Photographs The Verve Pipe
Take a Picture Filter