Madame Vendetta

"I'll-a give 'im a WHAMMY!"



"I never thought I'd enlist a service like this one, but I am so glad I did. The Madame was so wonderful to work with, and she took care of my deceitful ex-husband to the 'T'... or should I say 'P' "... --- Margaret M.

"My former boss didn't know what hit him. It was the most satisfying, especially in that Madame Vendetta allowed me to sit in the backseat and watch it all come down. Wow!" -- Teresa P.

"It was an amazing onslaught of putrid color when it hit! My ex's front porch was a total war zone!" --- Barbara W.

"I just couldn't believe Madame Vendetta even existed! She was so gracious and helpful, as I decided on what pumpkin I wanted. Plus, she helped counsel me so that I had no self-doubt at all as I watched the slimy pumpkin land square on the hood of my ex's fat ass Hummer!" --- Sandy S.

"After the horribly long court battle, and after hearing all the vicious rumors that were spread about me, I decided to finally take action. But how? Thank God for Madame Vendetta! She was so immediately understanding, and made it easy and guilt-free for me to take my long sought-after revenge. The beautifully ripened pumpkin stuffed with a perfect blend of animal excrement, lit by a gasoline fire, exploded in a horrific stench on the front of the house! Some even landed on the car! I did not have to touch a thing! Madame Vendetta took care of everything! I highly recommend her services to anyone who has been victim of a crazy ex!" -- Tammy B.

Helicopter dropping pumpkin on Rite Aid headquarters"There are too many choices; can Madame help me decide? As a former Rite Aid employee, I have an idea for the worst corporation on earth. Can you drop the World's Largest Pumpkin filled with some s*** from each current and former Rite Aid employee in the nation and drop it on the Rite Aid headquarters in Pennsylvania? They s*** on us everyday, why can't we s*** on them one day per year?" --- Hannah A.

The Madame efficiently took care of Hannah's request! Madame Vendetta took this fantastic photo of this special delivery to the Rite Aid headquarters. She said, "So sad, the batteries died in my-a camera so I only got-a one photo! It wuz a great pleasure, my bambina!! Amore..."